20 Best Baby Girls Names in Sanskrit with Meaning

Selecting a name for your baby girl is a cherished and significant decision. Sanskrit names offer a wealth of beautiful, meaningful options, often rooted in ancient language and culture.

  1. Aaradhya: Aaradhya means “worshipped” or “adored.” It symbolizes reverence and divine love.
  2. Aarya: Aarya signifies “noble” or “honorable” and represents virtues of kindness and integrity.
  3. Advika: Advika means “unique” or “unprecedented.” It embodies individuality and distinctiveness.
  4. Anaya: Anaya signifies “caring” or “compassionate.” It represents a kind and loving nature.
  5. Ishita: Ishita means “ruler” or “desired.” It embodies determination and ambition.
  6. Kavisha: Kavisha means “poetess” or “creative thinker.” It signifies artistic and literary talent.
  7. Mehak: Mehak refers to “fragrance” or “sweet aroma.” It symbolizes a delightful presence.
  8. Nitya: Nitya means “eternal” or “forever.” It signifies timeless beauty and grace.
  9. Ria: Ria is a name that means “singer” or “melodious.” It represents musical and artistic talent.
  10. Vedika: Vedika signifies “altar” or “sacred place.” It embodies spirituality and devotion.
  11. Yashasvini: Yashasvini means “famous” or “glorious.” It represents achieving recognition and honor.
  12. Sanya: Sanya signifies “radiant” or “shining.” It embodies a bright and luminous personality.
  13. Hamsika: Hamsika means “swan” and is often associated with grace and purity.
  14. Aishani: Aishani refers to “goddess Durga” and embodies feminine strength and power.
  15. Ishwari: Ishwari signifies “goddess” or “divine power.” It symbolizes feminine strength and spirituality.
  16. Kalyani: Kalyani means “auspicious” or “benevolent.” It signifies good fortune and well-being.
  17. Vanya: Vanya means “forest” or “natural.” It embodies a connection to the natural world.
  18. Charulata: Charulata signifies “beautiful creeper” and embodies natural beauty and charm.
  19. Saranya: Saranya means “protection” or “haven.” It represents a nurturing and caring nature.
  20. Aarna: Aarna signifies “Goddess Lakshmi” and embodies wealth and abundance.

Sanskrit names for baby girls are not only beautiful but also carry the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the language. When selecting a name for your child, consider the significance and resonance it holds for you and your family. Each name tells a unique story and can become a source of inspiration and pride for your little one as she grows and finds her path in life.

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